Super-Cor Performance Sways Client off Concrete Option

Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) had specified a concrete structure for a stream crossing on the new exit connector joining Highway 103 with Highway 3 at Ingramport near Halifax. Knowing that the Super-Cor Arch would perform just as well and provide considerable savings, the AIL team went to work to prove their point. 

Value-engineered Alternative

To be successful on a design/build project like this, any solution other than the specified one has to meet the minimum requirements for an NSTIR Value Engineered Alternative (VEA). AIL met with their design office regarding a VEA with our Super-Cor Steel Arch with Vist-A-Wall headwalls. AIL indicated that both these solutions were already specified in the NSTIR General Specifications and they agreed to evaluate them as a VEA.

By selecting this efficient and easy-to-install VEA solution, the contractor and the owner were able to realize significant shared savings. Plus, the Super-Cor Arch was a more environmentally friendly option, with higher recycled content and lower impact on the fish habitat. 



AIL worked closely with the contractor top ensure the structures were completed according to schedule.  Project follow-up confirmed that all went well through the complete project cycle.

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Name: Kieley Brook Bridge
Location: Halifax, NS (Ingramport)
Owner/Engineer: Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Contractor: Alva Construction
Product: Super-Cor Arch with Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System (Precast Panel)
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: Span 13 m, Rise 3.74 m, Length 30 m
Installation Time: Four Weeks


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