Utah Haul Road Conveyor Crossing Completed in just 93 Days

When a major Utah copper mine said “Fast” for a new double-wide haul road crossing over a live conveyor system, AIL MINING said “How fast?”. We then worked up a solution that went from the word “Go” to loaded haul trucks crossing in just 93 days.


Super•Cor and Vist-A-Walls make it so

AIL MINING had previously designed and supplied five large conveyor crossings to help reposition the world’s largest copper mine, high in the Chilean Andes. Our popular, deep corrugated structural plate/MSE headwall combo proved, once again, to be the real facilitator in saving time and money on crossings like this.

Tight time frame not the only challenge

Dynamic design and scheduling demands required numerous design/geometry modifications to address actual site/access requirements and extensive live loads.

Due to the demanding schedule, we communicated with our project partners every few days and conducted weekly site visits during installation to provide assistance and ensure our recommended best practices were being followed.

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

All things considered, the project came together with relative ease and the owner was happy to see the first trucks rolling across it in such a short timeframe.


Project at a Glance

Products: Super•Cor Arch, Vist-A-Wall Headwalls and Wingwalls
Application: Haul Road Conveyor Crossing
Arch Dimensions: Span 6.96 m (22.83'), Rise 3.48 m (11.42'), Length 178.92 m (587')
Wall Dimensions: 2322.58 square metres (25,000 square feet)
Installation Time: Approximately four weeks for all material


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