AIL Modular Bridge Beats Concrete Options

With only a four-week closure window, time was of the essence on a recent bridge replacement in the Township of Lanark Highlands, ON. At a pre-construction meeting many of the potential bidders, normally involved in concrete structures, figured that schedule to be “impossible”.

 Bridge/Abutment Package completed ahead of schedule

The AIL “packaged” solution of a Big R Prefabricated Bridge with Bolt-A-Bin Abutments greatly expedited the process by eliminating concrete formwork, pouring and curing time. With only two-and-a-half weeks of road closure needed, the new bridge was fully completed in three-and-a-half weeks – a few days ahead of the “impossible” schedule.

Accelerated bridge construction

This overall construction method is very accelerated compared to other products/methods. From the date of closure, the contractor: 

  • Removed the old bridge and aburments
  • Poured mud slabs to sop water infiltration
  • Built, filled and compacted the Bolt-A-Bin Abutments
  • Set the bearing slabs
  • Spliced and installed the bridge
  • Filled the corrugated steel deck with concrete 
  • Paved the bridge deck
  • Installed the guiderail, and
  • Re-opened the bridge


 Good information facilitates good decisions

Throughout the complete project cycle, the AIL Representative took the time to help the project partners look at various alternatives, by supplying them with good information to help them make good project decisions.


  • We worked with the Consultant throughout the design process, collaborated on marginal bearing capacities and presented the required information for the project design


  • We were on site for the pre-construction meeting to help answer any questions and supply proper pricing and procedures information for the potential bidders


  • Once the contract was awarded, we worked with the chosen contractor, supplied stamped drawings, schedules and installation information.


  • We also provided on-site assistance during the Bolt-A-Bin assemblies, the bridge splicing and placement.

The project was also completed on budget. The Municipality’s Road Superintendent was pleased and we have been working with the Consultant on other successful projects since.



Project Name:   Joe’s Lake Bridge
Location/Owner:   Township of Lanark Highlands
Consultant:   AECOM
Contractor:   Crains’ Construction Ltd
Product:   Big R Modular Vehicular Bridge with Bolt-A-Bin Abutments
Application:   Stream Crossing
Dimensions:   Width 7 m (clear); Length 25.32 m
Installation time:   Three-and-a-half weeks

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